Summer Plans

As I have 3 days of school left (plus 2 hours – have to go in on Saturday to hand out report cards), I am quickly assessing my plans for this summer. It will be a short summer, as my last day of school in June 6 and I have to be back for teacher inservice for 09-10 on July 28.

So far my plans are:

Tuesdays – free kids’ movie at local theater
Wednesdays – downtown Nashville public library for storytime/book checkout
Once every two weeks – zoo
3-4 days a week: pool/gym

The third week of June we have VBS at church, but we can only be there M-W because we start our vacation (mini-vacation really) to Gatlinburg that Thursday.

The very next week I have a 5-day training in which I will learn how to teach Algebra 1. Yes, next year I am going to teach Sheltered Algebra 1, which means it will only be offered to ESL or ESL transition students. I am having to take a Praxis test (in a week and a half! Yikes!) and take this training.

Then I have a week off in which we resume the movie/library/pool schedule. After that I go to Murray State for a week for my LAST residency for my MFA degree!! I start my thesis semester in late August!!

When I get back, I’ll have one and a half weeks until I have to be back at school.

Plus, I want to do some arts and crafts projects with the kids as well as some spiritual activities/lessons AND I want to work with Madeleine on phonics and numbers. Her daycare teacher told me today that next year she will probably go into a Kindergarten class for reading because she is so far ahead of the other 4-year-olds in her class. Yet another perk to having them at a daycare IN an elementary school! Now I’m extra glad we kept them where they are instead of moving them to the daycare at my school (a high school).

Doesn’t it wear you out just to read all that?? Me, too. Wonder how many of those “I’m gonnas” will actually happen?


  1. Leann says:

    Yeah, I planned an activity a day for us to do in the evenings as a family for the month of June. So far we are two for two … for NOT doing the activities! Today’s the 3rd, so let’s see if we can make it to church tonight for the end of school bash, then I can mark at least one thing off my list!

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