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The time has come! I’m back to work tomorrow! Just for a professional development day for my department so we can learn some new computer program. Then next week I’m back officially for teacher in-service. I can’t believe the summer’s almost over! However, my kids are almost ready to be back at school (daycare, but we call it school), too. They’ve been talking about it a lot and they know that Mommy goes back to work next week. I took them with me to school today in an attempt to start moving classrooms. Luckily I’m moving from my portable into the portable right beside mine, so it’s not too far. I got an hour and a half worth of work done, which is great considering I had the kids with me. Their reward was going to park/playground. I think they had more fun exploring the creek running through the park than playing on the playground.

So, now I have got to mentally gear myself up for a new year, and for teaching a new subject – Algebra I! Like every summer, my plans to “work on school stuff” over the summer did not pan out. I wanted to make pacing guides for all my classes and brush up on the Algebra standards that have to be taught, plus I still need to update ESL student folders from the end of the year! None of that got done. No school work has ever gotten done in the summers, no matter how much I vow to do it! Feel free to give me a pep talk to help me get in the teaching mindset again. 🙂

I also came back from Murray State excited about my thesis, brimming with thesis organization ideas, and ready to revise. I loved my time with “The Poets” (and the other writers, of course), and BTW, we need more poets because I will not be there next time, which means there will be only 2 poets left!!

That’s about it right now . . . I feel like this blog is so random!

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  1. Courtney says:

    Random is good . . . I can’t believe you go back before I do! I thought WE started early. We got furloughed three days, so we go back next Tuesday and Wednesday for teacher workdays, then are off Thursday and Friday (for the furlough) and go back Monday for our last teacher workday. Kids come back on August 4th.

    Figure that one out. Our last furlough day is on a teacher workday in October. We are losing money right and left. Hope Tennessee and your county are doing better than we are!!!!

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