Obama’s School Speech

So, we were told NOT to show the speech at school today. This message came from the director of schools. And my husband’s school originally left it up to the teachers, but then they were told not to show it due to the high volume of parent calls the headmaster had had (private school = please the parents = more money). I found the idea that we were told NOT to watch it preposterous! It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat – all Obama’s gonna say is “Stay in School”! Do you really think that the President is going to say something controversial to school students?

So in an attempt to buck the system, I’m printing out the entire text of the speech and we’re reading it in class tomorrow. In ESL 3 we’re working on main idea, details, unrelated details, and paragraph organization this week. So I can make the speech fit right in with that. It doesn’t matter what the text is as long as I’m teaching the objectives, right? Okay, so no X-rated stuff or expletives, I get it, but a Presidential speech?


  1. Amanda Marshall says:

    Kudos to you! Don’t you just want to shake the stupidity out of some people? I don’t recall there being any controversy or parents threatening to pull their students out of school when George H. Bush or Ronald Regan spoke to schools. And Regan’s speech was pretty political.

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