Speaking of experience, I need a new one

This is sort of part 2 of my previous post. I finally went in and talked with my principal about the Algebra class. Not about that student, but about the fact that several students are failing. I sort of dreaded talking to her because this is a class that has a state exam the kids have to take and as much as all principals and teachers disagree, test scores count. And I knew when I told her all these kids are failing, she would immediately think of that End of Course test.

She was very understanding. She told me I have to consider the kids that I am working with. They are trying to take in academic vocabulary and difficult concepts in a second language. What we are going to do is for the ones that really have not mastered the Algebra 1A concepts and skills, I am going to keep them in class next semester, but they are going to retake Algebra 1A. The other kids who are ready to move on will also still be in my room, but I’ll teach them Algebra 1B. So I guess I will do two small group lessons a day. I’ve done small reading groups before, so hopefully I can manage it. Still, it will be a new experience!!!

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