Why You Should Not Snort While in the Bathtub

No, this is not a post about drugs. Sorry to disappoint you. Got your attention, though, right?

Tonight my two kids were in the tub and my daughter got the hiccups. So all three of us started to pretend hiccup and pretend sneeze and then my son accidentally snorted, which sent us into fits of giggles and caused both kids to start snorting hysterically.

In the melee, my son fell face-first into the water and swallowed a bunch of it. He quickly stood up, obviously shaken, coughing and spurting and trying to catch his breath, and then . . . . he threw up. In the tub. The tub I had just cleaned about an hour before that!

I got everyone out and cleaned up and the tub cleaned up (again) and my son is okay. I think we’ve all learned an important lesson, though.


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