Moving and Growing

We met with our realtor Monday and ironed all all the details of getting our house ready to sell. We are hoping to officially put it up for sale next Tuesday. That will give us the weekend to finish all the last minute stuff. We may already have some viewings this weekend even before the house is listed! We’ve been gradually de-cluttering, painting, laying hardwoods, and the like. We have two rooms left to paint and a bit more packing and cleaning to do.

In conjunction with the move, today I finally filled out applications for the kids to go to Davidson Academy next year. Tomorrow Steven will take the apps to work and give them to the head of admissions.

In conjunction with Davidson Academy, Ephraim can go next year as they start at age 3, but one requirement is that the kids have to be potty-trained. We’ve been having trouble with him even wanting to sit on the potty, but for some reason, this week it’s all clicked. We take him every 45 minutes at home, and he does great! At school today the only wet pull-up he had was after nap. We’re getting there!

Ephraim continues to grow linguistically, using more complex sentences all the time. He is definitely a BOY – he likes Scooby Doo (I know, he’s too young for that – ever since Halloween my kids have liked scary stuff – and I’m a bad mom, blah, blah, blah), he likes to play with his food, loves to wrestle on the bed, get dirty outside, torment his sister, and use his imagination.

Madeleine is almost 5 and is enjoyable to be around. Today we were talking about her going to Daddy’s school next year and she said, “Sometimes when I’m around people I don’t know, I’m shy at first, but then I give up on shying and make friends.” 🙂 She has done really well with the idea of changing schools – we had LOTS of tears at first, and now she’s accepted it. (The fact that there is an evil girl in her class who has locked Madeleine in the bathroom and choked her may have had an effect.) Today she got her last book from Dolly Parton’s Books from Birth since she turns 5 this month. Appropriately, the book is called “Kindergarten, Here I Come!” I can’t believe she won’t be getting a book in the mail every month anymore.

My babies are growing up, and we’re moving on literally and figuratively.

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