Thailand Update

Blood has now been spilled. But there has been no violence, no shooting, no bombs. The members of the “Red Shirts” group that is protesting have drawn their own blood and splattered it against the outer walls of the prime minister’s compound, as well as other buildings, including the US Embassy.

I hate to say this, but only in Thailand. I love this country so much and still consider it one of my homes, but sometimes the Thai people can do weird things. The “Red Shirts” are from the rural areas of Thailand and are typically lower class people. While I applaud them for uniting and standing up for what they believe in – for the lower class rarely gets a voice – this is ridiculous!!! Do they realize what kind of diseases can be spread? AIDS??!!! (There’s already an AIDS problem due to lots of prostitution there.) And who would have their blood drawn just to throw it up against a wall?

It is creative. It is passionate. It is definitely unexpected. And it is also gross and unhygienic!

I hope and pray that all this will end soon!

CNN article about it

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