Why I Need to Live in a City with Subways

My car. Broke down. AGAIN.

So, I was in the parking lot after school yesterday ready to go pick up the kids. I had plans, too. Big plans. We were going to run by the post office for stamps, run by the library (found a library book in Mad’s room the other day – oops! Like a month overdue), and go to the park!

Then, my steering wheel wouldn’t turn. My car started, and I tried to back out of the parking space, but I couldn’t get my wheel turned enough to get backed out. Plus, my battery light was on.


My 2000 Nissan Altima has always been great for me – until the past 9 months. In that time, I have put so much money into this car, I could have had a nice down payment for a new one (or several months worth of car payments on a new one)!!! It was in the shop in August, twice in October, December, and March. I’ve had the car towed twice. (“Hey Mommy! Remember when we got to watch the big truck take your car away? That was fun.”)

Needless to say, I am ready for a new car. The problem is that we’re still paying car payments on Steven’s car, and we’ve always tried to avoid having two car payments at a time. His car should be paid off by the end of the year, but we’re just not sure that we’re ready to commit to two payments even for 9 months. Another option would be to use some of the money we make from our house, or the $6500 we’ll get back from the govt, to pay off his car. However, we already had a plan for most of that money – paying things off, putting some in savings, plus down payment on the new house. Decisions, decisions!

BTW, my new stepmother came to my rescue and picked me up and took me to get the kids at daycare. Thanks to her, and to Madeleine’s teacher for staying late.


  1. David says:

    Your husband introduced me to the trains in Boston, and I fell in love. Since then I have never taken a cab from the airport in a city that had trains. I have always done the subway or L. It’s fantastic. It wouldn’t be so bad if Nashville had decent buses either, but apparently the city thinks its good enough to have basically one route that runs consistently. If we had good public transportation in this city, I probably would only own one car.

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