Feels like ages . . .

since I’ve had internet at home. It’s actually only been a week.

Of course, I had four or five great blog topics last weekend, and now they’re mostly forgotten. That’s what I get for not writing them down immediately!

Quick updates: We SOLD our house Monday!!! It is officially NOT ours anymore, but the new owner is letting us live in it for a week until we close on our new house. How nice is that? We close on the new one and move on Wednesday.

I sold my car and am still in a rental. Hope to buy a new car sometime after we close next week.

Today I got a copy of my second publication. I had a poem published in a journal just for MFA students called “Touchstone.” Woo-hoo! I’ve also gotten two more acceptances lately. (Have I already blogged about this?) I won an award for my poem “Three Mothers” from Vol State’s lit mag, “Number One”!

Sunday we had the kids’ birthday party at the park. It was a big success! We had two cupcake cakes – a dog face and a cat face. We had dog and cat ear headbands for all the kids, and we painted their faces like dogs and cats. Madeleine is already 5, and Ephraim turns 3 on Tuesday!!!

It’s the end of the school year and all the students and teachers are restless. Hope I can make it for five more weeks! Speaking of that, even though I enjoy working in Wilson County, I have been looking for jobs in Davidson and Sumner counties to see if I can find something closer to our house in Gallatin. I have an interview on Wednesday!

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