Summer Update

We have butterflies! We ordered this Butterfly Kit in May, but it took several weeks for the caterpillars to get here, and when they did, they were dead. πŸ™ I called Insect Lore and got them to resend caterpillars after we got back from Disney. We have enjoyed watching them squirm around in their cups, then form chrysalises, and how all but 2 have emerged as butterflies!

Last week we went to Steven’s parents’ house for a few days. I took the kids and my nephew to see Toy Story 3 and we all got to swim at my father-in-law’s aunt’s house. The kids enjoyed spending time with their cousin, who lives in GA, so we don’t see him that often. I also went to see Eclipse with my sisters-in law opening night, which was out of the ordinary for sleepyhead me, but I stayed awake and had a good time.

Thursday I enjoyed a girls’ night with my friend Megan. We hit East Nashville and enjoyed Mexican at Rosepepper Cantina followed by coffee at Ugly Mugs. Great food and great conversation!

Saturday night we joined two other couples for dinner and enjoyed some adult conversation – in between yells of three 3-year-old boys, squeals from two little girls, and cries of 2 babies, that is! πŸ™‚ Fun was had by all.

Yesterday we had lunch at my mom’s, and left the kids with her to spend the night. Steven and I enjoyed a night to ourselves. We actually stayed inside and just hung out together watching Netflix movies. It was great.

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