Hobbies, anyone?

So I’ve decided I have no hobbies. Not really, anyway. I mean, I love to read and write. I’ve read probably 10 books already this summer. I’m a nerd. I know it.

My parents were not athletic. They were musicians. I’m not sure if it was lack of money or they just didn’t think about it, but when I was a kid, they never enrolled me in Little League or dance or anything like that. I took piano lessons; I read; I played outside. By the time I hit seventh grade, when I could have started playing on school sports teams, I had developed a complete non-interest in sports, and even in PE class. In seventh grade, I took Art. In eighth, I took Music. Finally, in ninth grade, I had to take the dreaded PE. (And I made it, by the way. They separated the girls and the boys, thank goodness, and lots of my friends took PE with me.)

So in high school I did student council, theater, chorus, and speech and debate. To this day, if I had to give a speech to 1000 people, I’d be fine with it. In fact, I’d enjoy it. However, if I had to play a game of volleyball in front of 10 people, I would absolutely hate it. Performing physically in front of an audience scares me to death.

I did try karate for a couple of years. Steven was already a blackbelt, and I wanted for us to have a hobby we could do together. I made it to brown belt and quit. I enjoyed the katas (forms) and the fact that I was physically fit, but I hated sparring. I competed in one karate competition during the two years and it was nerve-wracking and disastrous.

So now, Steven goes to play golf, and I read. Steven coaches, and I write. He plays basketball, and I read. He plays softball, and I write. I would really like to find another hobby we could do together. Though I still maintain my non-interest in sports, I am willing to compromise. Is there some sport I might be willing to try? Is there something in my area of interest that he could try? Hmmmm . . . any suggestions?


  1. How about dancing? That is an athletic-ish activity you can do together.

    Or you can just keep developing hobbies on your own – like scrapbooking – you certainly have enough great pics of your kids to do that! 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    What about wood working or tennis? playing cards?Hummm….Before kids David and I played soccer on co-ed teams and trained and ran races together. He was even teaching me to golf. Now because the kids are so young and one of us is nearly always with them (if not at work), we also don’t have hobbies together either.
    My parents big hobby together was antiquing (glass especially) before kids and while they still collected and occasionally found new pieces only in the last 2 years have they gotten back to it as a hobby and now are considering starting a business when they ‘retirement’.

  3. kksorrell says:

    Realistically, there’s not a lot of time for us to develop a hobby with the kids being so young. Dancing might work, or I might be persuaded to try golf. Courtney – is there such a thing as digital scrapbooking? I think I’d be more into that than actually buying all the papers and stuff.

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