It’s Friday evening. 5:30. And I’m already in my pajamas. Can you tell I’m glad to be home? 🙂

After a trip to the Parent Teacher Store (LOVE that place!) with the kids, we got home at 5:00 today and “we” are currently playing with playdoh. (Mama suggested that after there was some discussion about going to the playground . . . Mama just wants to sit down and rest!)

Timeless Toy!

I had some feedback on yesterday’s post, and I think I might have been too quick to begin the consequence-at-home thing. It’s appropriate for an older child, but maybe not for a 3-year-old. They really need immediate consequences to their actions. Since he gets that at school via time-out, it may be that all he needs at home is a talking-to. This morning I reminded him that I wanted him to have a “happy day”, and got a note from his teacher that he did! I showered him with praise. I think right now I will just have to take each day as it comes with Ephraim. He has had to adjust to a new school, new teachers, and a class of 16 instead of a class of 4. He is still expected to follow rules and treat others kindly, but he’s been through a lot lately.

Biggest lesson I learned at work today: 5 year olds can draw a picture of their families. 4 year olds cannot. (They just color squiggles all over the page.)

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