Top Ten Reasons for Not Eating Supper

10. I’m sick.
9. (Coughing)
8. I don’t like this food.
7. I’m cold.
6. I just want to lie down.
5. I need to go get something.
4. My tummy’s full.
3. I need to go potty.
2. I’m tired.
1. I don’t want dessert!

So, in Arizona a bunch of people get shot and in Alabama twelve inches of snow falls, but my most exciting even the past week has been trying to get my son to eat his supper. No, I am not being an unfeeling prick. I think the Arizona fiasco is terrible, especially the poor little girl that passed away. I guess sometimes the real world gets swallowed up in my small, domestic existence.

Well, not completely. I did go back to work last week. Had a productive and positive week back. Then we get 2 snow days this week. Good, except now we have exhausted our snow days (all whopping 4 of them) and if there is any more snow this winter, we’ll be pushing the school year into June! Oh, well.

I’ve been working frantically on a piece of nonfiction writing I’m submitting to a contest. It’s due the 15th, so having two extra days at home to work on it (as much as I can with two little ones around) is great. The contest requires at least 10,000 words, and I have 12,000. That said, I looked over my poetry statistics for 2010 and it was pretty sad. I only sent out about 45 poems, and not a one was accepted. In 2009 I sent out around 100 poems and several were accepted. I keep thinking I need to be working on my poetry, but it’s been getting pushed aside since this nonfiction piece needs to get finished.

So, hope you all enjoyed a warm and delicious dinner – and dessert – tonight!


  1. Cassie says:

    Oh, the food battles reign supreme in our house, too. It’s amazing how Nathaniel can be convinced he “doesn’t like” something he ate just two days ago. Oh, and his latest tactic is to put a bite of food in his mouth then use his tongue to push it out, thus gagging himself. Loads of fun.

    I cannot believe WCS only has 4 snow days?? Rutherford Co used to have 13 but I think they lowered it a bit a few years ago. I’m sorry if you have to push into June . . . they should really re-think that plan!!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your postings again. It is one of the things I missed when away from FB.

  2. kksorrell says:

    Cassie, I guess our boys will eventually grow out of it. I hope! I am actually in Davidson County this year – I switched schools. Seems like they would have more days built in, but I guess there have been a lot of years where we barely used any.

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