If My Kids Weren’t Mine, I’d Still Think They Were Cool

My two children have been so enjoyable lately. They’ve cracked me up, astounded me with their intelligence, thrilled me by their curiosity, and endeared themselves to me with their sweet quirks.


I love the way you add “y” to the end of words to be cute. “I feel coldy.” “That is not goody.”

I love the way you remember things, even way back to last summer when you were barely 3 and we raised caterpillars and watched them transform into butterflies. When you looked at a picture of a caterpillar this week, you knew that it “goes into its chrysalis.”

I love the way you interpret the world in your own little-boy way. This week you said, “Today is the Cat in the Hat’s birthday!” and while looking at an animal book, “You can’t eat animals with poison. I think that will get you died.”

I love the way you plop a stack of books in my lap and ask me to read to you (even when they are your sister’s girly princess books).

I love the way you hug me so tightly and smother me with kisses each morning before we leave.

I love the way you are so proud to show me your “work” you did at school every single day.

I love the way you make me die laughing at dinner with your silly remarks.

Even on days that you are the most frustrating (you are a 3 year old boy, after all), you are still a lovable, cool guy!


You amaze me with your intelligence. This week you wrote your own addition problems and solved them without help!

You amaze me with your constant joy. Almost every moment is a moment of celebration for you.

You amaze me with your love for others. You are my little social butterfly, but you also think of others’ feelings.

You amaze me with your deep understanding of life. On Christmas day, your wrote in your journal, “It’s not just about gifts. It’s about Jesus being born for us.”

You amaze me with your literary leanings. You have already begun to write in a journal, and of course, you love to read and be read to – a girl after this mom’s own heart!

You amaze me with your resiliency. Sometimes your brother bugs you, sometimes your friends are unkind, sometimes you hear Daddy and I argue. But you forgive and bounce back with love and acceptance every time.

You amaze me with your creativity. I love to see every drawing, painting, dance move, and craft you make. I love to see how happy it makes you.

You are a true red-head with the occasional fiery temper and strong will, but all that is part of your vibrant spirit. What a great kid you are!


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