This Week’s Recap

Things that made me smile this week:

  • Listening to my little boy talk up a storm about school, friends, toys . . . a little of everything!
  • Reading Little House on the Prairie to Madeleine.
  • Having my husband home on a Friday night. (His game got canceled due to rain.)
  • Ephraim’s first love: “My girl is Kara and I love her sooooo much.” (I wonder if Kara knows?)
  • Helping the kids make this Holy Week craft box.
  • Madeleine’s bumps are slowly getting better. (I posted this in fb, but she has molluscum, a virus that causes this little pimple-like bumps on your skin. She was treated by a dermatologist on Monday, and the medicine causes the bumps to blister and itch.)
  • Seeing my kids share and be kind to each other.
  • My students are doing their very best on TCAP, the annual achievement test they have to take.
  • Listening to a struggling student read a book.
  • A friend who listened to and encouraged me.
  • Reading Madeleine’s book she wrote and illustrated at school called If You Give a Cat A Cake. (Based on the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books.)
  • And, as always, the hugs and kisses I get every day from all three of my peeps!

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