Washington, D.C. Trip

Most of these are on facebook, so sorry fb friends for the double whammy! We had a wonderful time in D.C. My absolute favorite place was the Library of Congress. So much gorgeous architecture and artwork! Got to see Thomas Jefferson’s library – inspirational! Runner up: The Museum of Natural History (one of the Smithsonians). Enjoy!

Museum of Natural History - dinosaur bones

Museum of Natural History - Ephraim and a dinosaur!

Museum of Natural History - Madeleine loved the meteorites!

Museum of Natural History - Madeleine touching a moon rock

Museum of Natural History - Took this because on the trip I was reading "The Secret LIfe of Bees"

Anyone remember him from Night at the Museum?

Huge sea turtle skeleton

Museum of American History - famous ruby red slippers

Museum of American History - trains!!! Couldn't get Eph to pose.

Lincoln Memorial

Mad and Abe

The Capitol! It looked so pretty that day against the clear blue sky.

Steven, me, Madeleine, Ephraim, and my mom in front of the Capitol!

Gorgeous Capitol rotunda

Capitol rotunda

Library of Congress - my favorite place we visited! But I love all libraries!

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Madeleine pointed out the mermaids - they have wings, though, so they may be sirens.

Fountain outside the LOC. This picture is so lovely and whimsical - well except for the naked men in the background.

Air and Space Museum

Air and Space Museum

Air and Space Museum - Madeleine with the moon rover

Finally got one of Ephraim at the hands-on section in the Air and Space Museum

National Zoo - Mama lions and cubs

Can you find the orangutan? They had these towers and ropes they could climb that went over our heads.

National Zoo - gorillas!

With our wonderful hosts - My Uncle Jerry and Aunt Linda!


    • kksorrell says:

      LOL! I just loved the splashing water in the background and the smile on Mad’s face . . . . then I realized you could see a penis on the guy in the background!!! Fortunately, I don’t think my kids noticed that.

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