Calling Guest Bloggers: A Lenten Reflection

I have been reading the book Girl Meets God by Lauren F. Winner. The book is about the author’s conversion from Reformed Judaism to Orthodox Judaism to Christianity. Very interesting read! In the book, Lauren talks about being a voracious reader with thousands of books in her personal library. Then her Episcopal priest asks her to give up books for Lent. She is appalled at the suggestion, much as I would be appalled at staying away from my children for 40 days. (Although avoiding books for 40 days would be very hard for me, too.) She does it, though, and she only cheats and reads ONE book during Lent. Huge success for a bookworm! And she found that instead of reading, she would pray.

Since I’ve been contemplating Lent, I have decided to facilitate a series of guest posts on Lent. The series will be called “Lenten Reflections.” I will host a guest blogger every Sunday of Lent. We are going by Orthodox Lent dates (my apologies to the general public, but hey, it’s my blog, right?), and our Lent started this past Monday.

Your posts can be reflective, spiritual, informative, or funny. Is there something you’re giving up for Lent that you want to talk about? Do you have a humorous story about kids and Lent? Is there a special experience that happened to you during Lent? What does your family do to “celebrate” Lent and prepare for Easter? Just some questions to get you going, but take it and run with it.

I realize I’m last-minuting it here, but that’s okay. Just email your posts to me when you can at I will try to respond to you within a couple of days.

I am also going to incorporate a prize somehow . . . still working on that, but I’ll let you know.

So here are the Sundays I will have guest bloggers:

March 4

March 11

March 18

March 25

April 1

April 8

April 15 – Orthodox Pascha (Easter)

Let’s get writing, people!

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