A friend of mine is a mother of three, cafe owner, and model. She recently posted a picture of her right after coming home from a modeling shoot. She looked absolutely gorgeous. And she was standing in her kitchen. She told me she was about to make her husband a snack. It was the perfect mash-up of glamour and domesticity. And then I got an idea: Glamesticity. I even googled the term, and no one’s come up with it yet.

Glamesticity makes me think of Hollywood parents like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. They are gorgeous and have great style and make awesome movies, but they also seem to have a solid, happy family life. They just seem like good people. (I realize I don’t know these people personally and therefore my judgment of them can easily be rendered ignorant and shallow. Just go with me for a minute.)

My life is full of domesticity, but it doesn’t have much glamour. I don’t know that anyone who drives a minivan can be called glamourous. But if I could dream up the perfect glamestic life, here’s what it would look like:

I Would Not Drive a Minivan. I would have one of those huge Hummers or a Lincoln Navigator or at least a Chevy Suburban. Or I might just have a four-door Jeep Wrangler. Better yet, I’d have a driver so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of traffic after picking the kids up from school.

I Would Have a Maid. Not necessarily the live-in type, but one that would come once a week to clean my toilets. Because I just hate that chore. She could clean the rest of the house, too, except I’d still load the dishwasher. I don’t mind that chore. Our house might still be a bit cluttered with toys, but at least it we could have friends over once in a while because our house would actually be clean.

I Would Have a Brazilian Blow Out Every Four Months. I have impossible hair. It won’t ever completely straighten, even with the hottest flat iron. Naturally, it curls up into a frizzy, frumpy mess. It sometimes looks okay if I use a curling iron. But it is much easier to be glam when you have good hair.

I Would Use MAC Makeup and Skin Care Products. Right now I wear L’Oreal. Because I can afford it. And I can get L’Oreal coupons. I know MAC isn’t that expensive, but I still feel guilty putting that much money into the Toiletries budget. But I would do it to get the Glam I would need to be a Glamestic Wife/Mom. Maybe my face wouldn’t get that frazzled mom shininess by noon every day.

I Would Be Friends With A Celebrity. Preferably Josh Hutcherson. Because knowing somebody famous just naturally makes you more glamourous. And just to get the domesticity in there, when he came to visit us, I’d have him do the dishes. Shirtless.

I Would Still Buy Cheap Clothes. Glamesticity does not mean you have to buy expensive clothes. It just means you have to have style. I actually get compliments on clothes I’ve bought from thrift stores and Goodwill. And I think Target’s clothes are fun and fashionable.

I Would Go On Expensive, Over-the-Top Dates With My Husband. Though I fully believe in dating your spouse, once you have kids, it gets really expensive. You have to pay a babysitter, then pay for whatever you do on your date. Steven and I have two dates: dinner and a movie, or dinner and a bookstore. Typically it’s a used bookstore so we can actually buy a few books. But on glamestic dates, our driver would take us to the airport and we would fly to Paris for the weekend. Or we’d fly to New York to catch a show, eat ice cream at Serendipity, and then fly back home the same night. At the very least, we’d get to sit near the front at a show at TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center). By the way, if Steven was busy coaching or something, Josh could always fill in for date night. 🙂

So . . . what would you need in order to be a Glamestic Diva?


  1. ellen says:

    I would need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, a plastic surgeon to correct the passing of time that translates in a tired look, a housekeeper, sponsors to donate money to my cause ( being a glamestic diva) so I don`t have to work 10 long hours a day, somebody who solves all my problems so I can live carefree and happy and avoid wrinkles, time to go shopping and renovate my wardrobe and free time to spend with those I love.

  2. Amanda Marshall says:

    I LOVE this post. ;o) I miss hanging out with my amazing friend is very glam in a thousand ways she doesn’t even realize!

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