Book Month Challenge Day 13: Book Character Who Is Most Like You

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Like, Karla, the first character who comes to mind is Meg Murry from A Wrinkle in Time because she is studious, not gorgeous, and has a deep-seated belief that good will always overcome evil. But you’re probably already L’Engle-d out, so here’s my pick:

Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books. She is studious, a people-pleaser, driven, and a rule-follower (well, mostly). I am all those things. Quite the nerd, I admit. Plus, I’ve got the frizzy hair! Hermione will break the rules as long as she is helping a friend or fighting for Good. While I am not nearly as brave as Hermione, I’d like to think that if it came down to protecting my family or friends, I’d step up to the task. (I will say I don’t know that I would fall for Ron Weasley, though. 🙂 I always thought Hermione and Harry would get together in the end.)

Honorable Mention: Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. First of all, my middle name is Anne! With an e. And I did have red hair for the first three years of my life . . . and then it faded to a dirty blonde. Anyway, like Anne, I sometimes have my head in the clouds, daydreaming up a glamourous new life for myself. I’m also very emotional, and can go from feeling exuberant to being “in the depths of despair” very quickly.

What book character are you like?

Here’s Karla’s choice for today.

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