Hello! Welcome to Crazytown.

In Crazytown this week:

The Mars rover Curiosity showed a burst of intellect this week. It stopped to observe  . . . wait for it . . . a rock.

I’m so glad my tax money is paying for a space robot’s rock collection.

My friend Chelsea had a rat in her bird feeder.

Because we all needed the comic relief. 

Goodyear is offering Celebrity Driving Classes now. Only available for celebrities named Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan.

Does Goodyear offer Fashion classes, too?

My son posed with Miss Spider, who my friend Scott, upon seeing this picture on Facebook, mistook as me, and proclaimed it “the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. You rule, Karissa!”

Because everyone wants to be as cool as the mom in the spidey suit. Sorry to disappoint, Scott.

Today I accidentally wore black undies with white pants. Let’s hope nobody noticed.

No, this is not my bum. To the lady whose bum this is: I’m sorry.

And finally, we have a new addition to our home altar:

You can’t be holy without a spider or two.

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