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Since I’m not blogging very often anymore, I’ve decided to jump on the newsletter bandwagon. I’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter called “Sorrell Says,” and I hope you’ll sign up!

The newsletter will have three sections.


Updates will give you my writing updates as well as general life updates. I’ll fill you in on recent writing news and quirky happenings in the Sorrell world.

Favorite Things

Inspired by the unforgettable Sound of Music song, this section will tell you what I’ve been reading, listening to, thinking about, eating, wearing . . . the list could go on! Basically if there’s anything that has struck my fancy in the past month, you’ll hear about it!

Creative Inspiration

The Creative Inspiration section will be just that: something to inspire and encourage all you artistic types out there. It might be a writing tip, a prompt, a photograph, a poem, or a quote from a writer or artist. If you use the creative inspiration to make or write something cool, send it to me and I might include it in the next newsletter!

Sign up for Sorrell Says below or click here to sign up at my newsletter’s landing page!


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