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I’ve written several times about a series of poems I have written about penguins. Four of the Penguin Poems have emerged into the world!

You can read “Falling in Love,” “Long Love,” and “Death Love Song” at Atrocity Exhibition Mag. 

You can read “Our Antarctica” at Broad! Magazine. It’s on page 24.

I also published a blog post at Rock & Sling blog (Rock & Sling is a literary journal) titled “Death and Blossoms.” The post is a mix of Li-Young Lee, Mexican Day of the Dead, and musings on life and death. Read it here. 

I’m back to school now, so most of my time is spent on planning and prepping for my classes. I am absolutely loving teaching again! My students speak very little English, but they are learning! I know this is my calling and niche. I just hope eventually I won’t be bringing work home every night. 🙂

If you subscribe to my newsletter, there probably won’t be one this month. I’m just too busy with teaching responsibilities at the moment.

A quick favor . . . if you’ve read my chapbook, Evening Body, would you please give it a rating on Amazon or GoodReads? Rating books is a great way to help and author! I appreciate it!



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