DSC_0099-1Karissa Knox Sorrell is a poet, writer, and ESL educator. She is the author of Evening Body, a poetry chapbook published by Finishing Line Press. Her poems and essays can be seen in a variety of literary journals, including Flycatcher, Cactus Heart, San Pedro River Review, St. Katherine Review, Relief Journal, and Gravel Mag. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Murray State University in 2010. 

Karissa has sixteen years of experience in public education, fourteen of which have been in the ESL field. After eleven years of teaching in grades K-5 and 9-12, she moved into an instructional coaching position, and for five years, she worked with teachers of English Learners. In the fall, Karissa is excited to be returning to the classroom to teach Newcomer English Learners at the high school level. She earned her Master of Education with a focus on Teaching English to Non-English Language Background Learners from Tennessee State University in 2003. 

She was raised as a preacher’s kid and missionary kid and partially grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. In her twenties, she took a journey from evangelical Protestantism to Eastern Orthodoxy. As of late, she has had more doubts and questions than certainty about faith. She continues to challenge tradition, seek truth, and make peace with her changing beliefs.

Karissa lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her family of four.