Category: Book Month Challenge

Book Month Challenge Day 31: Book You’re Currently Reading

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi I’m reading this on recommendation from my friend Marissa at Rae Gun. (She writes some great book posts, but also is a crafter and seamstress extraordinaire! Check out her blog.) This is another dystopian novel. I’m on a roll with this type of book this summer. Or maybe it’s just …

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Book Month Challenge Day 28: Favorite Craft/Writing Book

Writing the Australian Crawl: Views on the Writer’s Vocation by William Stafford. I had to read this when I was getting my MFA. It’s an old book, but it’s really good, and I’ve gone back to it several times as I struggle through writing. I’ll share several of the things I’ve underlined and you’ll see …

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Book Month Challenge Day 27: Favorite collection of stories

The Secrets of a Fire King by Kim Edwards. Have you heard of the book The Memory Keeper’s Daughter? That was by Kim Edwards. But this book is better than that one. These stories span continents and cultures and a variety of relationships. Here are synopses of my 3 favorite stories from the book: Spring, …

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