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Where I Found God: Face Down in the Mud

I can’t remember exactly how I found Suzanne from Tattooed Missionary, but when I stumbled upon her blog, I found a gem. I mean tattoos and missionaries? Two of my favorite things! Suzanne is an ESL teacher (Woot!), reader, writer, and world traveler. I love her stories about faith, cross cultural experiences, and finding (and …

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Find Your True Self and Don’t Be Afraid to Be It: A Podcast

I am so excited to share that I’ve been interviewed for another Podcast! (If you missed my first one on Eastern Orthodoxy, go here.) I found Tayo Rockson through Twitter. He is a third culture kid, digital marketing expert, and entrepreneur. Tayo has actually “introduced” me to several other TCKs on Twitter. It’s so fun …

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When Online Friendships Reveal Your Canon

So my last post was about some of the wonderful people that I’ve met online and interacted with. People whom I’ve never met in person (other than one of them – yay Susan!) but with whom I have had many conversations. People who encourage and inspire me. The post actually got retweeted several times. I …

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