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Ask About Orthodoxy: Personal Relationship with God

On the first and third Mondays of each month, I will be answering readers’ questions about Eastern Orthodoxy. Please ask your questions in the comments, via tweet, or by email (karissa.k.sorrell@gmail.com). Your question will get answered in a future “Ask About Orthodoxy” blog post! *Disclaimer: I am not an Orthodox theologian or expert. I am …

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Wednesday Wrestling: The (Violent) Battle for the Soul

Today’s guest post is by friend and fellow writer, Susan Cushman. I can’t remember now exactly how we connected, but Susan is also Eastern Orthodox and lives in Tennessee, so we have some common friends. I was thrilled to find out that she was also a writer. We first met in person at the Southern …

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Announcing a New Blog Series: Wednesday Wrestling (with props to Jacob, Gideon, and Barbara Brown Taylor)

You know that I love the story of Jacob wrestling with God. You know I love the idea that our faith often feels like wrestling with conflicting ideas. You know that I no longer believe that strong faith has to be equivalent to certainty. As Barbara Brown Taylor said, “I had done everything they had …

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