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Wednesday Wrestling: Called into Greatness, Maybe, but Probably Not

I am so honored to have writer Esther Emery guest posting on the blog today! Esther’s writing encourages me to live a full life and speak my truth. I have her quote on my memo board at my writing desk: “There is room for you. Even for your wild, undomesticated self. Choose faith instead of fear.” Her …

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We Don’t Speak English; We Speak Love

I just spent two days working with adult English Learners attending our district’s adult high school. I was administering a speaking test which is part of our annual English proficiency assessment. I always love my visits at the adult high school. I meet so many interesting people. They are all working hard to learn English, get an …

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Searching for Spiritual, Questioning Religious

I’ve been thinking a lot about an article I read in this month’s The Word, a publication of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, called “Orthodox Spirituality in an Ungodly Age.” Kevin Allen, who hosts a radio show called “Ancient Faith Today” on Ancient Faith Radio (and who has interacted with me a bit on this blog), …

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