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When Online Friendships Reveal Your Canon

So my last post was about some of the wonderful people that I’ve met online and interacted with. People whom I’ve never met in person (other than one of them – yay Susan!) but with whom I have had many conversations. People who encourage and inspire me. The post actually got retweeted several times. I …

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Wednesday Wrestling: Every Step of the Way

This entry is part 5 of 9 in the series Wednesday Wrestling SeriesToday’s guest post comes from writer Susan Marquez. This brave, honest post on wrestling is an excerpt from a book Susan is writing. In the midst of a life-altering event, her faith was both challenged and strengthened.   “Lord, where ever she is, whatever she …

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Letter to My 16-Year Old Self in Bangkok, Thailand

Dear Karissa, You are right to be happy. You are happy because you are home. Yes, you are a third culture kid, and you will always know that. But you have found belonging. Freedom. Awe. Friendship. You have friends at school and friends at church and friends at home. You have a caring family. Everywhere …

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