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When You’re More Comfortable in an Airport Than in Your Home Country

I took my first solo international trip just a few weeks after turning seventeen. I’d had traveling companions on the trip from Bangkok to Nashville: my grandmother and two of her friends who’d come to visit us for a few weeks in Thailand. I was returning to the States to attend something called Nazarene Youth …

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Find Your True Self and Don’t Be Afraid to Be It: A Podcast

I am so excited to share that I’ve been interviewed for another Podcast! (If you missed my first one on Eastern Orthodoxy, go here.) I found Tayo Rockson through Twitter. He is a third culture kid, digital marketing expert, and entrepreneur. Tayo has actually “introduced” me to several other TCKs on Twitter. It’s so fun …

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When You Know You’ll Never Quite Be Home

Blame it on spending my childhood in two countries. Blame it on bouncing back and forth between two languages. Between two cultures. I used to feel Thai and American. But never quite fully either one. It’s like being Abnegation and Dauntless. And being neither of them. Friends have been going to Thailand and posting pictures. …

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Lenten Reflections: The Familiar, Central Park, and Fasting, Oh My!

Today’s guest blogger is my bestie from college, Amanda Marshall. She is an ordained minister and currently serves as a children’s pastor at Salem Fields Community Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She has worked in children’s ministry for a long time, and she’s also been a missionary in the Middle East. She is very creative, likes …

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