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Where I Found God: Face Down in the Mud

I can’t remember exactly how I found Suzanne from Tattooed Missionary, but when I stumbled upon her blog, I found a gem. I mean tattoos and missionaries? Two of my favorite things! Suzanne is an ESL teacher (Woot!), reader, writer, and world traveler. I love her stories about faith, cross cultural experiences, and finding (and …

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Where I Found God: In the Touch of a Friend

Today’s guest post comes from my friend Shelia Mullican, who I met at church. Shelia is a writer, runner, dreamer, artist, hiker, singer, and choir director extraordinaire. She blesses me with her beautiful voice, and she also blesses me with her poignant and honest writing. Shelia’s words always point me back to the natural world …

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Where I Found God: In Words

I found Lily Dunn through her incredible article in Relevant Magazine called “4 Lies the Church Taught Me About Sex.”┬áSince then I have enjoyed her blog, where she is never afraid to tackle tough subjects (she has another series on Sex and the Church going right now!), but always leaves her readers with hope for …

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