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Book Month Challenge Day 31: Book You’re Currently Reading

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi I’m reading this on recommendation from my friend Marissa at Rae Gun. (She writes some great book posts, but also is a crafter and seamstress extraordinaire! Check out her blog.) This is another dystopian novel. I’m on a roll with this type of book this summer. Or maybe it’s just …

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Book Month Challenge Day 18: Book You’re Embarrassed to Say You Read

The Twilight Series┬áby Stephenie Meyer. All my writer-type, literary friends are shaking their heads at me right now. I tried not to read them. I really did. I don’t like vampires. I haven’t read any other vampire books. They were so popular, too popular – I wanted to go against the grain and avoid them. …

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Book Month Challenge Day 16: Longest Book You’ve Read

So . . . I’ve read most of the Bible, but I don’t think I’ve read every single page. After paragraph after paragraph of rules about animal sacrifices in Leviticus, you tend to skip ahead to something more interesting. So, that’s probably officially the longest book I’ve ever read. The thing about the Bible is, …

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