An American Tradition: Easter Dress Shopping

Before I embark upon this post, I want to ask you not to judge me as a superficial, materialistic woman. I am well aware that as I go shopping for pretty dresses at the mall, there are protests in Thailand, ethnic unrest in Nigeria and Somalia, and bombings in Afghanistan. There are many more important things than fancy clothes.

That said, I think my readers will agree that Mother-Daughter Easter Dress shopping is a pretty standard tradition in American culture. Tonight my mom and I took my almost-five-year-old, Madeleine, on her first Easter Dress shopping trip! (Previously Mom or I have bought the dress for her.) We had a blast on our “Girls Night”. Madeleine tried on about 15 different dresses. She found a beautiful dress that came with a baby doll’s matching dress! Mimi also purchased a couple of extra dresses for spring. We even found a pinstripe suit (complete with hat) for little brother Ephraim!

Madeleine also got to ride on the carousel and play in the indoor playground, which helped break up the shopping enough that she didn’t get bored.

Mommy (me) wanted to price the new Skechers Shape-Ups – who knew they are $100!!??? Instead I found a Pair of Skechers on clearance for $30, and they are the MOST comfortable shoe. May not help me get in shape, but will be comfortable to wear all summer.

Mommy also scored big on the $20 sales rack at Dillards. I had looked all over the store for a dress, and found three for $19.99 each! Why pay $60 for one dress when you can pay $60 for 3? That is my kind of bargain. I’m a cheapskate and cringe to buy any piece of clothing or shoewear that’s over $20.

Now, all that was a big materialistic, but also, Easter Dress shopping is a bonding time for the females in the family. The three of us enjoyed talking over dinner, laughing at each other’s silliness, and affirming each other. There’s nothing like spending a great evening with your Mom and daughter, right?


  1. Stacy Tanner says:


    This was so sweet and hearwarming. I am glad that you had such an awesome time with “the girls”. I too treasure times like this with my family. By the way, I am very impressed with the 3 dresses that were $60!!! You are a bargain shopper. Please post pics after easter so we can all see….:)

  2. kksorrell says:

    I will post pics, girls! And STacy – I was amazed – all three dresses were marked way down! I lucked out! I always veer to Clearance racks before any other racks. 🙂

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