Moving Mutterings

Well, we have a contract on our house! The buyer really wants it because she is giving us our asking price! We are thrilled. We have put in so much work over the years, but especially in the past few months as we’ve prepared to move. We now are renting two 10×10 storage units! We started with one, and needed more room, so we opted to rent a second one right beside it rather than move all the stuff out of the first one to a larger unit.

Hopefully we won’t be renting them for much longer, though, because after looking at 12 houses, we finally put a contract on one today! I thought that Steven and I would both just know when we found the right house. It has not been that easy. The first day of looking, we looked at 8 houses, and we each leaned toward different homes as our favorites. I found a home with the perfect layout, but it was on a very steep incline and didn’t have much of a backyard. We also found a home that wasn’t the best layout (in my opinion), but had a nice fenced yard. In the end, we decided against both of those and went out to look for more.

On Thursday we looked at four homes, and found three possibilities. One of them was move-in ready, but it was at the high end of our price range and we felt like the living room was really narrow and we would prefer a bit of a larger kitchen. So that left us with two others, both needing a bit of work. One of the two was selling for $67 per square foot. It had the price of a foreclosure but wasn’t a foreclosure. It was a larger house for less money. There are some issues – we’d need flood insurance as it’s in a flood zone, for one – but after a lot of discussion and little arguing, we decided to put a bid on that one. It is a house we could not afford if it were priced at market value. It is unique and has great architecture. Just needs new flooring/carpet throughout! We’ll see if there are any other big problems during the home inspection, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!

All this moving stuff has left me feeling exhausted and like I’m completely neglecting so many things – Lent, the kids, classwork I need to be doing. It’s really hard for me to balance everything right now. I am so glad I’ve had two weeks of spring break and glad Steven and I didn’t go to Gatlinburg this week like we’d planned to because we’ve gotten so much done moving-wise! I just can’t wait to feel like things are normal again!


  1. Gail Hyatt says:

    I know you have so much work ahead of you, but I’m really really glad you found a buyer for your house – and for you asking price! Thanks be to God!

    Love you,

  2. Tina says:

    So very stressful. I hear ya about everything else falling by the wayside while you’re focusing on selling/buying with young kids! But WHAT A RELIEF to have a contract on your house! We’re hoping and praying for one as well. I hope the perfect house for your family needs comes available and you feel such a peace about it!

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