A Fox, A Skunk, Orthodox Chant, and Nature

I arrived at work at 7:20 this morning. As I was putting my purse in my desk drawer, it hit me that I’d left my cell phone at home. Today was not the day to leave my phone at home. We’ve had some snafoos with the home buying process, and I knew that both my realtor and my mortgage guy would be calling me today, plus I needed to make some calls to deal with my car. I do not work in one of those fancy schmancy schools that has a phone in every classroom. So, I hopped in my car and went back to get my cell. I’m in a rental car this week and I was flipping through it’s pre-programmed radio stations and lo and behold 91.1 was playing Greek Orthodox Pascha hymns!!! It was the choir of the Convent of St. Elizabeth. I got to sing (in English) along with the Greek version of “Christ is risen from the dead trampling down death by death and upon those in the tomb bestowing life!” It was still on during the way back to work (I called to say I would be late) and I knew this was the “kairos” moment I needed for today. On a morning that was already going wrong, God was with me, reminding me that all this little stuff I’m stressing over is not that important in the long run.

Back to work. I found out during third block that my students have been calling me “fox” and “skunk” all year long!!!! I thought the guys were calling me “Mrs. SORR-ell” with an accent on the first syllable (which is actually an incorrect pronunciation but I just thought it was their Spanish pronunciation of it.) No. They have been calling me “Mrs. Zoro”, which means “Mrs. Fox.” However, my Spanish speakers had a little argument today over whether it meant skunk or fox. Evidently “zoreo” or “zorio” is skunk, and “zoro” is fox. Either way, close enough! So they’ve been calling me Fox and Skunk all year!!!??? šŸ™‚

After school I had a 3-hour meeting for ESL teachers and when I got home I really just needed to relax, so I went to sit on the bench on our deck in the backyard and take in the beauty of our forest. I was sitting there loving on the dogs when Ephraim came out. (So much for alone time – such is the life of a mom!) A few minutes later the other two appeared. The four of us enjoyed some time out the yard and on the swingset. We even heard the scream-inducing music of the ice cream truck, but it never came down our street! (Then it became tear-inducing.)


  1. Funny! My kids call me everything from Flo-eazy, Floors, Flowers, to one kid who even calls me “Tink-Tink” (I guess because I’m short?) A fellow teacher even calls me Flory.

    šŸ™‚ Mrs. Flores

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