Grieving over . . . Day Care?

Yes, day care.

I’ve shed many tears over the past two weeks because my children are leaving The Learning Center at Rutland Elementary. When Ephraim was 13 weeks old, I handed him over to his first daycare teacher, Miss Kristy. I cried all the way to work that day.

However, it turns out that he had the best infant teacher I could ask for. Miss Kristy kept him on a schedule, got down on the floor and played with him, and really knew his personality. Every day when I would pick him up, she’d tell me something he did that day. She exposed him to bubbles, paint, music, and more. I could always tell that Miss Kristy loved my Ephraim.

That first year Madeleine was 2 and had to make the adjustment to a new “school” after two years at a church daycare near Steven’s work. She did fanastically! I still remember the day she came home (at age 2) and was walking in the yard with me and said, “Leaves change color in the fall.” I asked how she knew that, and she said, “Miss Tammy.” Miss Tammy was a fabulous teacher and by the age of three Madeleine knew all her letters and sounds. Miss Tammy looped up with that class, which means Madeleine has had her for the past 2 years in the 3-4 year old class, too. It is so exciting to see Madeleine’s mind, imagination, and skills grow! She always has something fascinating to tell me – about floating and sinking, about seeds and roots, about reflections and mirrors, about mixing colors to make new ones. Miss Tammy has always made learning fun and relevant to the kids. She has so much life and energy, and the kids pick up on that.

Ephraim moved on to Miss Mary for his one-year-old year and Miss Amanda for his two-year old year (still with her now). Both teachers have been so loving and patient with him. They have taught him so much about how to get along with others and share and how to help clean up. He has learned his colors, shapes, nursery rhymes, and learned to count, and his vocabulary and motor skills have grown by leaps and bounds.

It hurts to think about NOT seeing these teachers anymore. They’ve been part of my daily life for the past three years. They’ve been my kids’ second moms for the past three years. They’ve taken care of my children, rocked my children, comforted my children, played with my children, and taught my children when I couldn’t be there to do so.

It hurts to think about my kids having so say goodbye to their friends and teachers. I expect Madeleine to cry on the last day. I expect Ephraim not to understand until his first day at Davidson Academy in the fall when he realizes Miss Amanda isn’t there.

While it’s hard to let go, I am so glad my kids had the opportunity to attend this daycare. The teachers are so wonderful, and I am so thankful for all their hard work. I know some days have been difficult, and I appreciate their perseverance and patience. Miss Kristy, Miss Mary, Miss Amanda, and Miss Tammy, thank you for taking such good care of my children and know how important you are in their lives. Though they are young and might not remember you much when they get older, I will remember what a positive impact you had on them during some of the most formative and important years of childhood. I love you all!

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  1. Karen crouse says:

    That is wonderful, so great that you had quality care. Makes all the difference in the world for working mommies.

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