Lazily Planning the Summer

Ah, school is OUT! The 3 words teachers love to hear. I found out that I am going to be at Old Center Elem instead of Goodlettsville Elem, which is fine. I’ll have my own room and won’t have to share one (which was the plan at Goodlettsville) and I’ll only have 10-12 kids. It’s about the same distance from my house as Goodlettsville was.

More good news: I got my students’ ELDA (big English test for English language learners) scores back finally and all the kids that I expected to score high enough to exit the ESL program DID! Woo hoo!

So, week one of summer is almost complete. We enjoyed some down time with Steven’s family in Sparta this week, swimming and visiting Fall Creek Falls. Can I say this is just a gorgeous state?! Driving through the countryside was so enjoyable!

Today was full of errands. With the kids in tow. Fortunately we had a few little surprised to help them get through the day: 20 minutes on the playground at my new school, suckers from the bank, slushes from Sonic, and our last stop today: the Gallatin library! There is something about the library that calms my kids down. Seriously. Every time we went to the Mt. Juliet library, Ephraim would scream across the library for me and run as fast as he could toward the kids section or the DVDs. This after going over “library rules” right before we went in the library. But today – wow. We walked into the kids’ section and the kids went right to the books. I stepped away for a minute, maybe, to search the catalog for something, and when a turned around – AMAZING! Both of my children were sitting a table quietly looking at books. When they went to play on the computer, Ephraim whispered every time he needed my help (as opposed to his typical yelling at the top of his lungs.) It was – well, heavenly!

The rest of our summer is loosely getting planned out in my mind – I’m doing a little creation unit with the kids starting tomorrow, and after Disney we’ll do our caterpillar/butterfly kit and keep butterfly journals. We go to Disney for a week this month, then we have VBS. I’m sure there’ll be trips to the park, library, and pool in between, plus hopefully some playdates. I hope to get back into the swing of family evening prayers every night – seems like the move has just thrown us off and we’ve had trouble making it a habit again.

For me personally, I want to focus on writing, making sure to carve out some time each day to work on all my writing projects. I want to exercise every day, try some new recipes, and read a lot.

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