“I’m a Good Guy!”

This morning, Madeleine (my 5-going on 15 child) was having a lot of trouble getting up and going through the morning routine and was whining. A lot. Ephraim and I were in the bathroom with her as I was trying to make her brush her teeth and he said, “I’m a good guy, right?”

I said, “Yes, you are Ephraim.”

He looked at Madeleine and said, “She’s a sad guy.”

Then we got home from school today and Ephraim was the one having meltdowns (this happens almost every day). After lots of crying, one time out in his room, one spanking, and then refusing to eat supper, he walked over to the fridge and pointed at his “star chart” (we use star stickers for positive reinforcement) and said, “Mommy, can I have a star?”

“No, Ephraim, I have to catch you being good.”

“But I’m a good guy, Mom!”

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