My Daughter . . . The Apple of My Eye

“Keep me as the apple of your eye” Psalm 17:8a

Madeleine was the “Apple of My Eye” at school this week. Basically it’s just like Star of the Week: we sent in photos and information about her that were put up on a bulletin board. And I thought that was it. To my surprise, Madeleine brought home folder in which each student in her class had drawn a picture of her and written something nice about her. (Well, dictated it to the teacher.) I was amazed. By the time I finished reading, there were tears in my eyes.

Here are some of the comments:

Madeleine is the apple of my eye because . . .

. . . she is funny sometimes. We swing together on the playground. I like her because she helps me alot.

. . . she plays hide-and-go-seek with me. She helped me play the dice game.

. . . she is pretty. She shares books with me. She makes me laugh.

. . . I like to sit beside her on the carpet because she is nice to me.

. . . she is my best friend.

. . . she is a very nice friend.

. . . I have fun with her in centers.

. . . she makes funny faces. I like when she smiles at me. It makes me happy!

. . . she has a kind heart! I like the shininess when the sun shines on her hair.

. . . she has a beautiful smile and a very compassionate heart! (from her teacher)

Wow. I sure have one amazing daughter. And I’m glad she’s at a school that encourages kids to be kind to each other. Love you, Madeleine!

Madeleine right after being in a school program.

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  1. Holly says:

    I love it! What a special week for her! I think one of my favorites is “the shininess”. As you know, you are blessed!!

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