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This school year I’ve listened to the radio on the way to work every day. I should be listening to NPR or podcasts like I used to (being the too-serious person that I am), but this year I’ve just wanted to listen to fun music and morning talk shows. Here are some of my observations.

I LOVE Katy Perry (Real name: Katheryn Hudson). For a while I avoided her because the Christian-singer-turned-racy-pop-singer thing turned me off. It still turns me off, but she has some really catchy and fun songs. While they are not completely innocent, some of her songs have a good message – like Firework, for example. Katy isn’t the greatest singer in the world, but her memorable songs make up for that.

I HATE Kesha (Real name: Kesha Sebert). I will admit that her songs are great to work out to, but if you listen to her lyrics, they are all about partying, sex, drugs, drinking, etc. Every song. Seriously. In interviews she talks about her unrestricted childhood – I think once she said that when she was 14 her Mom left her with condoms and beer and said, “Don’t get pregnant.” I guess she sings about what she knows, but I’ve gotten to where I switch the radio off when one of her songs come on.

I DISLIKE Lady Gaga (Real name: Stefani Germanotta)- not her music so much, but her gotta-have-attention-on-me persona. A lot of people argue that she is brilliant and has had enormous amounts of success due to that persona and her risky (and risque) outfits and performances. I can’t deny that she has been wildly successful with just one album to her credit (her second one may have just come out – not sure.) However, I just can’t stand her! She’s what, 23? You are still figuring out who you are, and I just can’t believe that all the stunts she pulls and crazy outfits she wears project her true self. It’ll be interesting to see what she’s like when she’s, say, 40.

I’m DIGGING Bruno Mars (Real name: Peter Gene Hernandez). Wow. This guy has a lot going for him. Catchy songs. Positive songs. Variety in his song styles. Fun!

I’ve FOUND A GEM in Adele (Real name: Adele Adkins). Her newest song, Rolling in the Deep, just sends chills down my back! It is awesome! It is so different from other songs on the radio – kind of a Motown feel – that I love it! (And I could’ve sworn a black artist was singing, but she’s a white British lady!). I checked out some of her other songs and she is now on my list of “albums to buy.” Another thing: I like her because she’s chubby. All celebrities think they have to be skinny, and you know half of them don’t eat, and all normal women like me (and my size 12 body) compare themselves to those uber-skinny types we see in magazines. Adele is beautiful without being super-skinny. I love that!

And lastly: I’m ENJOYING listening to The Bert Show (106.7 in Nashville). It is an interactive radio show (they take lots of callers’ comments) that helps people with their problems and relationships. No, not like Frasier. Much more fun and upbeat than that. They also do an annual trip to Disney for children with terminal illnesses or severe medical conditions.

What are you listening to nowadays?


  1. Cassie says:

    Veggie Tales. All the time. Bob, Larry, Junior, Mr. Lunt, Pa Grape, just to name a few.

    When I get a MOMENT of non-we-want-veggie-tales-screaming in the car it’s either Anna Nalick (“Breathe”), Reba (my absolute fav), or Josh Groban. Of course now I’m rocking to the Zumba music I found online used during the class I take. Eclectic enough for you? 😉

  2. David says:

    Little known fact about Ke$ha. She’s actually a friggin genius. She has a near perfect SAT score and once was enrolled at the summer program where I currently work. So, while I agree that the lyrics of her songs lack gravitas, interviews I have heard with her suggest she is someone you could have an intelligent conversation with.

    As for Madam Gaga, I have a soft spot in my heart for performance art. And I will say that as far as pop goes, her songs are brilliant.

    What do I listen to? Atreyu, Tantric, Disturbed, the Vitamin String Quartet, Paramore, Eminem (yes, really…). Lately I’ve been trying to listen to more Mozart and Beethoven.

    • kksorrell says:

      Wow. I am impressed about Kesha!

      And I have many friends who agree with you about Lady Gaga. I guess I just love a singer with a guitar. The simplicity and honesty of it.

      Out of the ones you’ve mentioned, I’ve only heard of Paramore and Eminem (well, and Mozart and Beethoven, of course), and I like both of them. Eminem has had some really great duets/collaborations this year!

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