A Day in the Life . . . .

. . . of an ESL teacher:

Beat the crap out of a pinata with my Kindergarteners for Cinco de Mayo.

Had a first grader (not an ESL student, but another student in the class) say she wanted to “have S-E-X” with another kid in the class. (Yeah, I was super shocked, too.)

Had a third grader hit the end-of-third-grade reading level. (Woo hoo!)

Had a kindergartener with limited English tell me, “Today was a beautiful day.”

. . . . of a mother:

Why did I think that turning four would magically make my son mature? Major fit this afternoon because he wanted me to take him to a gas station (this was after we were already home) to get him a Tummy Yummy drink because Daddy had gotten Madeleine one. Thanks, Steven.

Madeleine is now reading to me when I put her to bed at night, and I am so proud of her. That said, she puts SO much expression into EVERY word and then proceeds to explain what’s happening in EVERY picture that bedtime now takes approximately two hours.

. . . . of a wife.

Enjoyed watching Steven and kids play outside. Cooked dinner. Did dishes. Now having “quality time” with the husband, aka sitting on the couch and watching TV together. 🙂

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