A Little Me Time

So this week I’ve enrolled my kids in VBS at my mom’s church. I know at this moment some of my SAHM readers are going, “But you work most of the year! Don’t you want to spend the summer with your kids?” (Especially when we’re having VBS at our church next week!!!???)

Yes, of course I want to spend time with my kids. It’s my favorite thing about the summer! But my children are used to structure. (After all, they’ve been in daycare or school since they were just a few months old.) I’ve found that this summer they’ve seemed especially restless, either complaining that they’re bored or so full of energy that our house can barely contain them. So when my mom called to ask if I wanted her to sign them up, I thought, why not?

It’s free. It’s fun. It’s Christian. It’s energy-draining. Today they were both a little nervous, and I had to stay with Ephraim for the first hour, but then he settled in and I left and did my CVS and grocery shopping. The next four days I plan on working on my church’s VBS stuff (I’m the director this year) and drum roll . . . writing!!!

And I’ll still have the rest of the day (and well into the evening, as we let them stay up till 9ish in the summer) with the kids!


  1. That’s awesome!!! Now, I may get into trouble here, but I think it’s good for Orthodox kids to mingle in a protestant environment. I’m happy that my kids will be going to MDO at a local Church of Christ, if for nothing else than to realize the Christian message comes in many forms. As Orthodox Christians in the Bible Belt, it’s good to learn the differences between denominations, and more importantly, the similarities. It will help explain to the good ol’ Southern baptist why we baptize as infants! 😉

    • kksorrell says:

      Cassie, I agree. I just wonder if my kids are going to come home and tell me they “got saved.” My kids have been at my mom’s church before, and Madeleine and I have talked about how there are different kinds of churches and Christians.

  2. wherewander says:

    you don´t need to apologize or to feel guilty for not sharing 24 hours a day with your kids. They need to interact with others, it´s good for them. And you need your own space, it´s good for you. Both parties happy make a happy party!!!

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