And Not to Forget My Dad

I have lots of good memories with my dad from growing up. Family game night, which sometimes was a board game, and sometimes was all four of us non-athletes playing kickball in the yard, was always a blast.

Dad was always trying to make us laugh by telling jokes, playing pranks, or just acting silly.

When we moved to Thailand, I watched my dad enthusiastically learn the language, interact with the Thai people, and take on hot Thai food. He inspired me to do the same.

We spent a lot of time around the piano in my family, and my dad and I loved to sing together. I have listened to my dad sing and preach thousands of times. He is a fantastic speaker, but I think that the times that meant the most were when he mentioned my brother or me in his sermons. He sometimes teared up a little when he talked about us, and being a man who rarely cried, that meant something. I always knew that my dad loved me and was proud of me.

My dad raised me well, and I hope that Steven and I can do such a good job with our kiddos! Dad, thank you. I love you.

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