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The couponing adventure continues . . . .

Today was the first day I saved more at Publix than I spent! Spent $37, saved $45! Can I say that Publix is such a pleasant place to shop. They strongly encourage you to let them push your cart to your car and unload it. Every worker there is super-friendly and focused on helping you.

However, other than their BOGOs, most of the time Publix is a little more expensive than Kroger. Today, all I bought other than some BOGO deals was a bag of Tyson chicken tenders for $5.49 (usually they’re $6.99 at both Publix and Kroger).

My new strategy is to only get BOGOs or really reduced items at Publix, then head over to Kroger for the rest of what I need for the week. I’ve got to admit, however, that Kroger does lie to you sometimes. Don’t trust the yellow “Low Price” signs. Since I shop there a lot and know the prices pretty well (I would so rock on The Price is Right), I know when the “Low Price” is actually higher than it was the week before! Yep, even Kroger stoops to marketing ploys.

I am still working on the whole stockpiling thing. Overall I am spending a little less on groceries, but would like to see even more of a difference. I will take any tips you expert couponers have!

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  1. The other good thing about Kroger is that they have Manager’s specials and Publix never does. We always come home with a lot of manager’s specials items. Also, if you transfer prescriptions to Kroger or send a new prescription there you can get a $25 grocery credit. That has saved us a lot of money as we’ve started using Kroger as our pharmacy. 🙂

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