Indulging My Slight Obsession with Comic-Con

Last week Comic-Con was held in San Diego, and I’ve been glued to any Comic-Con articles during my daily internet news surfing. I’ve always thought that Comic-Con looked fun, but for some reason, this year, I’ve become slightly obsessed! I am dying to attend Comic-Con! Here are some really cool things that went on at Comic-Con 2011:

Twilight/Breaking Dawn Panel

Now I am not a “Twi-Hard” fan, but I am a fan. I think the books were fun reads, but not quality literature. For the record, though, I am on Team Edward. I am forced to forgive Rob Pattinson for his horrendous hairdo in this picture; it is for a movie he’s making.

Snow White and the Huntsman Panel

Again, we have Kristen Stewart (aka Snow White) along with Charlize Theron (aka the Evil Queen). While I’ve always respected Kristen Stewart for maintaining her own ideas on style, when I see this picture of drab Kristen next to beautiful Charlize, I want to tell her to glam it up.

Anyway, costume pics from the movie were released at Comic-Con, and this is no traditional Snow White:


Here’s Nathan Fillion (aka Rick Castle) with Molly Quinn, who plays his daughter on the show. Oh, Nathan Fillion! Drool.


Here’s Andrew Garfield in his Spidey suit.

Chris Evans, however, opted not to wear his Captain America costume:

There were plenty of Captain Americas to go around, though:

Does anybody recognize this kid?

It’s Tintin!!! Steven Spielberg is producing a Tintin movie.

Also, Edgar Allan Poe made a few appearances:

These Poe masks were actually 3-D glasses for a screening of “Twixt”, a film about Poe. Also, John Cusak was there talking about his role as Poe in “Raven.” Doesn’t he make a dashing Poe?

And finally, the funnest part: fan costumes!!

From Evil Queens . . .

To Superheroes . . .

To Pirates of the Caribbean creatures . . .

To the iconic Star Wars . . .

To Monty Python . . .

To a Angry Birds!

See what I mean? Don’t you want to go now, too? Who would you dress as? My top 5 picks: She-ra, Arwen (from Lord of the Rings), Elphaba (from Wicked), Princess Leia (Star Wars), and Punky Brewster.

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