Countdown to Christmas

Sorry for the lack of posts. Seriously, I have about 10 ideas floating around up there, but I have been busy with the following:

Arguing with Ephraim about whether or not it’s pajama day at school. Evidently “we didn’t get a note” does not fit in with the cognitive skills of a four year old.

Convincing Ephraim that fruit chews are not breakfast food. And that breakfast food has to be healthy. And that candy canes are not heathly. Viscious cycle. Again, I am learning that the four-year-old brain cannot process the world “healthy.”

Persuading Ephraim that there are NOT 40 days left until Christmas. Yes, with Orthodox Advent starting on November 15, it all started with 40 days, but now it’s like 10 days. This one shouldn’t surprise me. He doesn’t get time yet. Something he did yesterday was “last year” and something he did last year was “last week.”

Taking Madeleine to the “big hospital” to get a speech evaluation. They told me her vocabulary is awesome but she needs help pronouncing the /r/ sound. Um, DUH!!! I’ve lived with her since, um, she was born, and for the past 6.5 years she hasn’t pronounced it right. Thanks for confirming that.

The good news is that now the public schools will provide speech services to her at her private school. For FREE. Yay! (My 12 years of working for the public school system  is finally paying off.)

Looking at Chrismtas gift ideas online. Looking, not buying. It’s going to be a last minute shopping spree this year.

Sleeping. I never thought being an EL Consultant would be just as tiring as being a teacher. (All those teachers are wearin’ me out!! LOL!) Where you’ll find me on any given night at 7:00? Asleep on the couch. Or maybe the living room floor. Or maybe even in bed.

On a more Christmasey note, I’m going to be feature on Momma Be Thy Name’s 12 Days of Christmas! My post will be up on December 22, but there are some super posts already up! Just click on the button at the top right of this page.

And here are the munchkins with Santa.

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