Catching Up

Wow! It’s been over two weeks since a post! That’s a record for me.

While all of you were lamenting over not being able to read The Iris Chronicles 😉 , life around here has been keeping me hopping. Ephraim turned 5 last Friday! We ate out at McDonalds (his choice) for supper that night, and had a fun party for him on Sunday (pics to come).

Also, Madeleine ran in the Music City kids marathon on Friday night! In Nashville they do this kids version where the kids run all their miles except one at school over the course of a few months. Then they get to run their last mile downtown near the Titans’ arena! I was so proud to see my girl cross that finish line! She ran the entire mile, too (better than Mommy can do!).

Softball and baseball season are in full swing, so Madeleine has a couple of games a week, and Steven (HS baseball coach) is not home much. We’ve been able to go watch some of his home games. The main baseball coach has two kids that play with mine. It’s a new experience for me to be at the ball field till 6 PM, (see this post) but we are all having fun.

Work has been busy but fulfilling. I really enjoy my job. As I look back over this year, I am amazed at all the relationships I have developed and all the skills I have learned. Though I wish it could be a tiny bit more flexible – I missed going to school on Ephraim’s birthday to take cupcakes (but Steven took them) and I missed a school day performance that both kids were in – I am going to get to take off 2 days next week to go on a field trip to St. Louis with Madeleine! So exciting!

I have been channeling a lot of writing energy into things I can submit to journals. When I get an idea for a blog post, I ask myself if it could be turned into a non-fiction piece to submit. Don’t worry; I still have lots of good ideas for The Iris Chronicles! But I also want to get more serious about becoming a “real” writer. 🙂

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