This is Me, Trying to Be the Cool Mom

Oh, how I envy those moms that can decorate and craft and make gorgeous cakes! Sadly, I cannot perfect any of those arts. Let me show you what I mean . . .

Rock Star Birthday 

Pinterest Decor:

My Decor:

Note: Those blow-up guitars and microphones from Oriental Trading were crappy!

Pinterest Microphone Cupcakes:

My Microphone Cupcakes:

Spy Birthday

Pinterest Spy Sign and Nametags

My Sign and Nametags:

Pinterest cupcakes:

My cupcakes:

Obviously, I can’t decorate cupcakes (though this was the first time I’d tried to pipe the icing on instead of spreading it with a knife)! I was so worried about what people would think that I made another batch:

(Toppers are from More Than a Cupcake.)

Pinterest Decor:

My Decor:

See what I’m talking about? I do wish I could be better at such things. But what I want more is to be comfortable enough with myself that I stop comparing myself to other moms all the time. ‘Cause in the end, my kids don’t care much about the presentation. They just want to have fun.

Mad’s the one in pink smiling at the camera.


  1. That was such a funny post. When I scrolled down and saw the picture of your cupcakes, I laughed aloud. I sympathize completely – I am fantastic though at ordering cakes at bakeries. I’ve mastered that skill.

  2. Ashley says:

    Well, kudos for doing as much as you did! My son is only 17 months, so no big parties yet…he will be lucky if he doesn’t get a Chuck E. Cheese’s party!

  3. Nepsis says:

    As a veteran of many homemade birthday parties at our house with our two children, now grown and almost grown, trust me, these are the parties that they will remember the most.

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