Avengers: 5 Stars


I guess this post is going to be a movie review. Of sorts.

I’m always a little hesitant when going into a comic movie. Will it be too violent? Will there be a love story? Will it be cheesy? Sometimes in the comic-to-movie process, something seems off to me. Like the lines are cheese ball or the action is more POW! BAM! BOOM! than authentic.

Not Avengers. I’ve gotta say, I LOVED this movie. Joss Whedon, thank you! This proves that the mastermind behind Firefly just can’t go wrong. The balance of action hero vs. real life characters was just right. You get the full-on superheroish soundtrack to montages of all the Avengers fighting off alien invaders. But you also get petty arguments between cocky Tony Stark and level-headed Steve Rogers and you get a glimpse into Black Widow’s true emotions.

I was really nervous about the Incredible Hulk . . . I have kinda kept my childhood fear of him – did not see the Hulk movie, as much as I love Edward Norton. But I’ve gotta say that Dr. Bruce Banner was my favorite character. Nerdy, quiet scientist type. Smart but silent. Humble. Throws out a quick-witted line every now and then. Mark Ruffalo shined.

The movie was funny. There were so many great one-liners that made me laugh. Along with the rest of the audience, which is always a sign that you’re watching a good movie.

I just love coming out of the theater feeling satisfied, happy, and hopeful. Feeling like the world’s gonna be okay. This movie did that for me. Go see it. It will lift your spirits. It might even make you believe that Captain America and IronMan are out there in a city somewhere, fighting bad guys and protecting us.


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