Book Month Challenge Day 16: Longest Book You’ve Read

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So . . . I’ve read most of the Bible, but I don’t think I’ve read every single page. After paragraph after paragraph of rules about animal sacrifices in Leviticus, you tend to skip ahead to something more interesting. So, that’s probably officially the longest book I’ve ever read. The thing about the Bible is, I skipped around a lot. I mean, I’ve never just started in Genesis and read the Bible chronologically from cover to cover. (I can hear my Grandma gasping in shock right about now.) I know I’ve read the entire New Testament. It’s sections of the Old Testament I think I’ve missed out on. Cause people can really get spiritually blessed from those long so and so begat so and so begat so and so passages.

Anyway, I think the longest book I’ve actually read chronologically is actually quite different from the Bible. It’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at a whopping 870 pages. It came out in June of 2003. That summer I was working a summer job as a file clerk at my mom’s work, and oh, how I savored my two 15 minute breaks during the day! If it hadn’t been for HP, I’d probably have just worked through my breaks, but I had to read that book. I HAD to. So I’d take my book and go sit outside on the steps of the building and read for 15 minutes. (And sometimes I’d take it to lunch and read some more.) It was like being in prison and getting to go out for a 15 minute walk twice a day. Insane, I know.

What’s the longest book you’ve ever read?

And here’s Karla’s book choice today!


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  1. Margie says:

    I agree concerning the Bible being the longest book to read and I’ve probably read it. I think one of the “Read the Bible in a Year” bibles was assigned in a college course I took one time.

    So the runner up is Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I think I’ve mentioned before that I read it so many times in high school that my mother hid it for awhile.

    The paperback version I had was around 900 pages. Depending on the edition, it looks like it usually runs around 1,000 pages.

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