The Day The Boy Went to Kindergarten

He wasn’t ready to wake up. His mom put his uniform on him when he was still half asleep. He ate 4 slices of bacon for breakfast. His favorite. His sister pulled out her kindergarten memory book and sat on the couch beside him, showing him all the things he will make in kindergarten. When it was time to go, he asked to take 3 toys in the van, and Mommy said yes, even though she usually says no. Mommy walked him to his classroom and hung around for a little too long. He barely looked up to tell her goodbye. He came home smiling. He also came home with a runny nose and feeling tired. Kindergarten is serious stuff!

So when did this . . .







Become this?








My baby went to kindergarten. I know that one day I will do this again, but it’s so far off and incomprehensible right now. Right now, Ephraim is my youngest, my baby boy, and he’s growing up.

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